2021 Editorial Calendar*

Our editorial philosophy is focused on helping industry professionals do their jobs more effectively, efficiently and profitably by providing a balance of business-and technical-related content.

Additionally, our magazine is distributed at AAHOA’s 28+ regional events throughout the year!

*Editorial Calendar is tentative and subject to change.


The Hotel Industry During COVID-19

  • Mergers and acquisitions: A success story from 2020 (The Witness Group and Hotel Equities partnership) 
  • Data about the current market and how hoteliers can set themselves up for success 

Content deadline: November 11, 2020

Materials deadline: November 6, 2020

Ships: December 2020


Great Expectations

  • New housekeeping/sanitization expectations from guests after COVID
  • What do the hoteliers say? What hoteliers expect from guests after COVID. 

Content deadline: December 7, 2020

Materials deadline: December 7, 2020

Ships: January 2021


The Independent Hoteliers Issue

  • Steps for independent hoteliers to take for financial success 
  • Planning for the future: What have independent hoteliers learned from COVID-19 and how will they implement those lessons going forward?

Content deadline: December 29, 2020

Materials deadline: January 5, 2021

Ships: February 2021


The Diversity Issue

  • Women of AAHOA
  • The new industry: Women leaders across the hotel industry 
  • Managing diversity in your properties: What does diversity mean? Who have you recruited? What can each person bring to the table? 
  • Today’s Hotelier round table

Content Deadline: January 26, 2021

Materials deadline: February 3, 2021

Ships: March 2021


The Security Issue

  • Opt-in housekeeping considerations 
  • Addressing tense situations with guests/employees 

Content deadline: February 23, 2021

Materials deadline: March 3, 2021

Ships: April 2021


The Tech Issue

  • How COVID-19 has shaped tech in the industry: Touchless payments, guests using apps, room access, social distancing communication with guest, etc.
  • Using tech to assist humans 
  • Meet Vinay Patel 
  • Meet your 2021-2022 AAHOA Officers

Content deadline: March 23, 2021

Materials deadline: April 7, 2021

Ships: May 2021


The Future of the Hotel Industry

  • Next generation guidance from the young professional hoteliers of AAHOA
  • Professional development in hospitality 
  • How did COVID-19 affect the ADA?

Content dealdine: April 20, 2021

Materials deadline: May 7, 2021

Ships: June 2021


The Convention Issue

  • AAHOA fights for hoteliers on the Hill: How AAHOA helped influence legislation to help hoteliers battle COVID-19
  • Behind the scenes: Leadership from the Chairman and President & CEO during the pandemic
  • Hoteliers establishing relationships with local officials
  • Political engagement by hoteliers on the local, state, and federal levels

Bonus Distribution: 

  • AAHOACON21: August 3-6, Dallas, TX

Content deadline: May 18, 2021
Materials deadline: June 9, 2021

Ships: July 2021


The Leadership Issue

  • Back to the basics: What are the new basics in the industry after COVID-19? How have things like hiring, technology, operations, etc., changed since COVID-19? 
  • AAHOA scholarship recipients: Investing in the future of hospitality 
  • How successful hoteliers managed COVID- 19
  • AAHOA award winners

Content deadline: June 15, 2021

Materials deadline: July 13, 2021

Ships: August 2021


The Marketing Issue

  • How to market the safety/sanitization precautions in your properties
  • Marketing tools every hotelier should have: Analytics, surveys, reputation management, etc. 
  • Marketing to domestic and local travelers

Content deadline: July 13, 2021

Materials deadline: August 11, 2021

Ships: September 2021


The Advocacy Issue

  • Human trafficking update: What do the numbers say now? 
  • Hotelier Perspective: What AAHOA advocacy means to me
  • LAS recap: AAHOA administration & policy outreach 
  • Diwali Issue

Content deadline: August 10, 2021

Materials deadline: September 8, 2021

Ships: October 2021


The Money Issue

  • Industry year in review: Check in with those who acquired during the year
  • Recovery check in: Where we are in 2021 vs. what we expected- side by side comparison outlook, what has changed; direct comparison to January 2021. 

Content deadline: September 7, 2021

Materials deadline: October 7, 2021

Ships: November 2021