2022 Editorial Calendar*

Our editorial philosophy is focused on helping industry professionals do their jobs more effectively, efficiently and profitably by providing a balance of business-and technical-related content.

Additionally, our magazine is distributed at AAHOA’s 28+ regional events throughout the year!

*Editorial Calendar is tentative and subject to change.



  • Why are workers slow to return to the industry, and what can hoteliers do to address the problem?
  • What is the importance of creating a plan for career growth/continuity with a hotel?
  • Creative labor solutions

Bonus Distribution: 

  • ALIS (Jan 24-26, 2022)

Content deadline: October 25, 2021

Materials deadline: October 27, 2021

Ships: December 2021



  • Is it better for a hotel to be on the bleeding edge of technology adoption or wait and see what works elsewhere first?
  • What can hoteliers expect, in terms of new technologies, in the coming years?
  • Technology that helps your bottom line

Bonus Distribution: 

  • Radisson Annual Convention (Feb. 21-24, 2022) / G6

Content deadline: December 12, 2021

Materials deadline: December 10, 2021

Ships: January 2022



  • Two years after the pandemic first gripped the globe, how is the industry doing? Better than expected? Worse?
  • What lessons have hoteliers learned during the pandemic that might be applied to a future downturn?
  • The current and future state of business travel. Are current levels the new normal? 

Bonus Distribution: 

  • Hunter Conference (March 22-24, 2022)

Content deadline: January 12, 2022

Materials deadline: January 12, 2022

Ships: February 2022



  • How has AAHOA evolved during the pandemic? (Explaining the changes in staffing and their importance from a strategic point of view)
  • AAHOA new website and technology offerings. Improving the member experience and providing value to members.
  • How important is it to network at industry events? Do significant deals really happen on a show floor or at a reception? 

Bonus Distribution

  • AAHOACON22 (April 12-15, 2022)

Content Deadline: February 9, 2022

Materials deadline: February 9, 2022

Ships: March 2022



  • How can hoteliers be leaders? Who is already doing it well? What can hoteliers learn from accomplished leaders in other industries?
  • An interview with the new AAHOA Board of Directors (AAHOA Leadership)
  • What are the pros and cons of different leadership styles?

Bonus Distribution

  • AHLA ForWard (May 10-12, 2022)

Content deadline: March 10, 2022

Materials deadline: March 10, 2022

Ships: April 2022



  • How does AAHOA advocate for franchises? What has AAHOA accomplished since the beginning of the pandemic?
  • How can hoteliers cultivate a better relationship between brand and franchisee?
  • What are the red flags when choosing a brand relationship? Q&A w/ brand CEOs

Bonus Distribution

  • HITEC (June 27-30, 2022)

Content deadline: April 8, 2022

Materials deadline: April 8, 2022

Ships: May 2022


Workforce Development

  • What are hoteliers doing to ensure workers’ skills aren’t stagnating, with the goal of improving hotel performance?
  • How can hoteliers identify, attract, retain, and promote top performers?
  • A profile of several past AAHOA scholarship winners

Bonus Distribution: 

  • ALIS Summer Updates (NYC: July 12, 2022)

Content deadline: May 10, 2022

Materials deadline: May 10, 2022

Ships: June 2022



  • How have the most successful hotels maximized revenue potential in an predictable market?
  • What technological solutions are available for hoteliers to manage revenue and make better fiscal projections?
  • Even in the midst of an unpredictable economy, how can hoteliers utilize data/metrics/etc. to forecast future trends and needs?

Content deadline: June 9, 2022
Materials deadline: June 9, 2022

Ships: July 2022


Guest Experience

  • How have guest preferences evolved since 2019?
  • How to elevate the guest experience without affecting your bottom line.
  • Balancing brand standards with the guest experience.

Bonus Distribution: 

  • The Lodging Conference (Sept 19-22, 2022)

Content deadline: July, 11, 2022

Materials deadline: July 11, 2022

Ships: August 2022


Political Advocacy

  • What are AAHOA’s recent/current/future political goals?
  • Common Ground recap: How to cultivate meaningful relationships with and gain the support of federal and state legislators.
  • How does AAHOA determine its political advocacy priorities?

Bonus Distribution

  • Latino Hotel Association Conference (Oct. 11-12, 2022)

Content deadline: August 12, 2022

Materials deadline: August 12, 2022

Ships: September 2022



  • How can you make the most of your AAHOA membership? (Tie in w/ vendor directory launch)
  • Member testimonials: Event attendance, successful partnerships with fellow members, etc.
  • What is AAHOA’s role in guiding members and for shaping their experience within the industry?

Bonus Distribution

  • American Bar Association Forum on Franchising

Content deadline: September 9, 2022

Materials deadline: September 9, 2022

Ships: October 2022



  • What can hoteliers do to prepare for slowdowns and periods of uncertainty?
  • What do the experts say? Looking into 2023 and beyond.
  • New revenue streams? What are hotels doing to diversify how they make money?

Content deadline: October 11, 2022

Materials deadline: October 11, 2022

Ships: November 2022