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About ABA Risk and Compliance Media

ABA’s risk and compliance products are the banking industry’s leading voice on legislation, regulation and case law.

  • ABA Bank Compliance is a print and digital magazine available exclusively to paid subscribers. Six times a year the award-winning publication provides compliance officers and executives with turnkey procedures, flow charts, case studies, and ready-to-use sample forms. Each new issue is announced to subscribers through an Eblast.
  • The ABA Risk and Compliance website—a digital channel powered by the editorial staff of the ABA Banking Journal—and its biweekly eNewsletter are packed with need-to-know regulatory information and analysis on the industry’s most critical topics. 

2020 APEX Awards for Publication Excellence

ABA Bank Compliance
, Magazines, Journals & Tabloids – 1-2 Person-Produced

ABA Bank Compliance
, Writing – Financial & investment Writing, “E-sign: The Dinosaur in the Room” article

ASBPE Awards Logo

2020 AZBEE Award

ABA Bank Compliance, Regional Bronze Award, All Content – Technical Article, “SAR Quality: Practical Tips to Enhance Reports for Law Enforcement”

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ABA Bank Compliance magazine is delivered to 6,200+ leading banking compliance professionals nationwide.
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100% of the circulation is paid. Your advertising message reaches engaged readers who invest their time and money in the magazine.
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96% of respondents value that ABA Bank Compliance magazine is a product of the American Bankers Association.
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More than half of subscribers have 15 or more years of direct experience in regulatory compliance, and nearly 70% have 10 years of experience in regulatory compliance.
More than 4 out of 5 readers save each issue of ABA Bank Compliance for future reference.
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93% of subscribers are Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) who use the magazine to earn continuing education credit to maintain their certification through ABA Professional Certifications.

21.4% of survey respondents have taken actions including visiting the advertiser’s website, contacted the advertiser for more information, and purchased a product/service from the advertiser upon seeing an advertisement in ABA Risk and Compliance media platforms. 

ABA Bank Compliance Reader Profile

Your prospects—senior compliance professionals and key decision makers at their institutions—are reading  ABA Bank Compliance.
Place your message where they will find it!

ABA Bank Compliance reader institutions by asset size:

ABA Bank Compliance reader's years of experience in bank compliance:

Actions taken after viewing an ad in ABA Bank Compliance:

ABA Bank Compliance readers have direct involvement in the purchase of:

  • 52% Anti-money laundering monitoring products / services
  • 65% Complaint management software 
  • 57% Consulting services 
  • 22% Data Security Products
  • 28% Disaster recovery services
  • 28% Document storage / management / shredding
  • 28% Email/social archiving and management 
  • 41% Fraud detection solutions 
  • 39% Identity authentication products / services 
  • 29% Legal services
  • 53% Mortgage compliance services
  • 50% OFAC monitoring services / software
  • 64% Reference manuals / software
  • 69% Regulatory reporting products / software
  • 47% Risk analysis software 
  • 71% Training services / materials 
  • 49% USA Patriot Act compliance products
  • 41% Vendor / 3rd party risk management software 

Reach leading bank compliance professionals nationwide throughout the year with ABA's Bank Compliance resources!