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Be a part of the only ergonomics
association in Canada!

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Reach Canada’s Voice for Ergonomics

The Association of Canadian Ergonomists is the only ergonomics association in Canada, and is the national member of the International Ergonomics Association.

  • ACE represents over 537 members from coast to coast, who include ergonomists, architects, human factor specialists, kinesiologists, designers, psychologists, industrial engineers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and more
  • ACE members have a direct influence over management and purchasing decisions for their companies. 

Ergonomics Canada Magazine

The printed magazine is sent to all ACE members, and made available to members and the public on their website digitally. Copies of the publication are also bulk shipped to all 5 regional presidents across Canada for added distribution at various live events that may happen in the area during the year: Ontario, Quebec, Prairie Northern, and BC. Additionally, the digital magazine will be shared with ACE’s Knowledge Transfer Partners for distribution to their members including:

  • Canadian Association for Research Work and Health (CARWH)
  • Canadian Patient Safety Institute
  • Centre of Research Excellence for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders (CRE-MSD)
  • Institute for Work & Health


Digital Edition

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