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Issue Area of Focus: Change Management

Special Section Ad: N/A
Ad Space date: 11/14/19
Materials deadline: 11/27/19
Ships: Jan 2020


Issue Area of Focus: Learn and Six Sigma Supplemental Directory: Six Sigma

Special Section Ad: 12/11/19
Ad Space date: 12/16/19
Materials deadline: 01/07/20
Ships: Feb 2020


Issue Area of Focus: Leading and Motivating Teams 

Special Section Ad: N/A
Ad Space date: 01/22/20
Materials deadline: 02/04/20
Ships: March 2020


Issue Area of Focus: Careers: Finding Your Path to Success  
Supplemental Directory: WCQI Directory 

Special Section Ad: 2/14/20
Ad Space date: 02/19/20
Materials deadline: 03/03/20
Ships: April 2020


Issue Area of Focus: Soft Skills and Leadership 

Special Section Ad: N/A
Ad Space date: 03/20/20
Materials deadline: 04/02/20
Ships: May 2020


Issue Area of Focus: Culture of Quality 
Supplemental Directory: Software Directory 

Special Section Ad: 04/16/20
Ad Space date: 04/21/20
Materials deadline: 05/04/20
Ships: June 2020


Issue Area of Focus: New to Quality/Quality Basics 
Supplement Directory: Continuing Education Directory

Special Section Ad: 05/14/20
Ad Space date: 05/19/20
Materials deadline: 06/02/20
Ships: July 2020


Issue Area of Focus: Supply Chain Management  

Special Section Ad: N/A
Ad Space date: 06/18/20
Materials deadline: 07/01/20
Ships: Aug 2020


Issue Area of Focus: Standards and Auditing
Supplement Directory: Standards/Auditing

Special Section Ad: 07/13/20
Ad Space date: 07/16/20
Materials deadline: 07/29/20
Ships: Sep 2020


Issue Area of Focus: Quality 4.0  
Supplemental Directory: Quality Resources guide

Special Section Ad: 08/12/20
Ad Space date: 08/17/20
Materials deadline: 08/28/20
Ships: Oct 2020


Issue Area of Focus: World Quality Month: Special Edition 

Special Section Ad: N/A
Ad Space date: 09/14/20
Materials deadline: 09/25/20
Ships: Nov 2020


Issue Area of Focus: Salary Survey

Special Section Ad: N/A
Ad Space date: 10/16/20
Materials deadline: 10/29/20
Ships: Dec 2020

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