ASQ Webcast Sponsorships

Position your company as a thought leader by sponsoring an ASQ webcast. ASQ’s webcasts average more than 5,000 views/downloads. Ensure you are making an impact with quality decision makers by sponsoring an ASQ-produced webcast or providing your own content.

Benefits Include:

  • A sponsor introduction at the beginning of the webcast.
  • Sponsor logo appearing on all webcast materials, and sponsor website. 
  • Contact information will be shared at the end of the webcast.
  • Webcast promotion and sponsorship recognition in either a targeted ASQ e-newsletter or in targeted and strategically timed email blast (sponsor’s choice).
  • A single list of contact information will be provided to the sponsor within 90 days of the webcast airdate.

NOTE: All proposed webcasts are subject to approval by ASQ. ASQ will consider guest webcasts if the webcast presentation is educational in nature and focuses on a topic of general interest to ASQ members and other people passionate about quality. Sales and promotional pitches will not be accepted.

Rates are net. Reservation is on a first-come, first-served basis.
Current Rates (ASQ-W0120)
  • Display Advertising

  • Rate

  • Webcast Sponsorship
For more information please contact ASQ Media Sales