Extend your print advertising investment with the unique benefits of digital media.


In addition to print, our publication is also available to members in a fully interactive digital version. Viewers can virtually flip through the pages, forward articles of interest to colleagues and click on ads to be redirected to the advertiser’s website. All display positions are exclusive and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.


Your message will be prominently displayed above the publication and is displayed the entire time the digital edition is open.

Large Toolbar

Your company name is displayed on the toolbar, found in the top-left corner of every page of the digital edition next to frequently used navigational icons.


The Skyscraper ad displays the entire time the digital edition is open giving your message consistent and lasting exposure.

Belly Band

The Belly Band is included on the front cover of the digital edition, making your company’s ad one of the first that readers see when they receive their digital edition. It also extends to the digital edition’s back cover, wrapping your company’s message around the entire digital edition.

Sponsorship & Sponsorship MAX

Your message will be prominently displayed directly across from the cover of the publication. Video capabilities are not supported for Sponsorship MAX.

Rates are net and per insertion. Reservation is on a first-come first-served basis