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The Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium

Who We Are

Bringing Change to the Zero Emissions Transit Industry CUTRIC is a national consortium of innovation leaders. Our members lead the design, development and launch of low-carbon smart mobility projects across Canada.

CUTRIC offers a suite of business and networking opportunities, technical planning events, conferences, discounts, government advocacy and thought leadership.

Speak to your Naylor representative about how you can join now to benefit from the following initiatives allied to low-carbon smart mobility:

  • Innovative commercialization projects that focus on “integration trials” over the long-term, rather than one-off pilots.
  • Simulation/modeling of battery electric buses (BEBs), fuel cell electric buses (FCEBs) and electric low-speed autonomous shuttles, as well as greenhouse gas relative measure analysis.
  • Learning and training opportunities for all CUTRIC members.
  • Networking opportunities (workshops, technical seminars, conferences, webinars).
  • Government outreach and lobbying efforts on behalf of low-carbon smart mobility that is technically informed and evidence-based.

Member Categories:

    • Transit System
    • Industry
    • Consultancy & Construction
    • Utility
    • Government
    • Academic Institution
    • Not-for-profit
    • Transit Operator

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