MHEDA Podcasts

NEW in 2020! Econ Chat Podcast

MHEDA is happy to announce that we’re adding Econ Chat Podcast to our communications offerings in 2020! Our new podcast ensures our members get the most critical information from our new Three-Year Forecast: MHEDA’s Custom Economic Advisory report.

  • US Industrial Production
  • Non-Defense Capital Goods New Orders w/o Aircraft (this is the benchmark for B2B Activity in the US)
  • US Material Handling Equipment New Orders
  • US Warehouse Buildings Construction
  • North America Light Vehicle Production
  • US Food Production
  • E-commerce retail sales

MHEDA Talks Podcast

The MHEDA Talks podcast is a new podcast series where industry thought leaders will be interviewed on issues and trends affecting MHEDA members.

Topics Include:
  • Leadership & Strategic Communication
  • Social Media 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Aftermarket
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cyber Security
  • And more! 

Promoted on MHEDA and MHEDA Journal social media platforms:

  • Facebook: 1,600+ followers
  • LinkedIn: 2,700+ followers
  • Twitter: 10,000+ followers

Promoted in MHEDA eNewsletters:

  • Delivered  semi-monthly  to nearly 4,500 decision makers

Sponsorships Include:

Sponsored Banner
  • Banner on MHEDA-TV podcast series landing page. (300×250 pixels)
  • Banner below the player. (468×60 pixels)
Sponsor Read 
  • Sponsorship of individual episodes includes notice of sponsorship and a link on each podcast page. Text to read as follows: “This episode is presented by ___.”
  • Within each episode, sponsors will be acknowledged in the shows’ open and close (“presented by ___”). There will be a sponsor read about 10 minutes into each episode, using pre-determined text that describes the sponsor, any featured product or service and, if desired, a sponsor website for listeners to visit.
  • Sponsored read is of approximately 70 words for a total of approximately 30 seconds.
  • Sponsorship should be written in third person.
Hyperlink on all promotions
  • The sponsored company’s name will be hyperlinked to on all promotions of the podcast in the text that will read “Thank you to our sponsor___.”