2021 Content Calendar*

Our editorial philosophy is focused on helping industry professionals do their jobs more effectively, efficiently and profitably by providing a balance of business-and technical-related content.

*Content Calendar is tentative and subject to change.

First Quarter | Ships in January

Theme: Forecast Issue

  • Forecasts from MHEDA distributors and suppliers as well as submitted forecasts from sister organizations MHI, CEMA, ITA and an interview with their chief economist, ITR Economics.
  • A profile of the incoming Chairman of the Board’s company. For this issue, it will be Ted Springer and Springer Equipment.
Bonus Distribution
  • TBD
  • Space Reservation: November 5, 2020
  • Ad Materials: November 9, 2020

Second Quarter | Ships in April

Theme: Why Agility is Critical

  • Articles from Business Experts, plus Virtual Showcase Product Guide.
Bonus Distribution
  • Over 1000 additional Material Handling professionals from across North America.
  • Space Reservation: March 1, 2021
  • Ad Materials: March 3, 2021

Third Quarter | Ships in July

Theme: Recognition Issue

  • MHEDA members who are celebrating their milestone anniversaries will be recognized in this issue.
  • Suppliers will recognize their top distributors.
Bonus Distribution
  • TBD
  • Space Reservation: May 5, 2021
  • Ad Materials: May 7, 2021

Fourth Quarter | Ships in October

Theme: Trends Issue

  • Each June the MHEDA Executive Committee of the Board gets together and publishes their “Material Handling Business Trends” for the upcoming year.
Bonus Distribution
  • TBD
  • Space Reservation: August 6, 2021
  • Ad Materials: August 10, 2021

In Every Issue

  • Liz’s Column
  • Chairman Column
  • Editor’s Note
  • Ask Your Board (or Ask a MHEDA-NET Group)
  • Member Profile
  • At Work and Women in Industry Profiles
  • MHEDA Members Give Back
  • MHEDA Education Calendar
  • Money Matters
  • New Members
  • Spotlight On (Association News)
  • MHEDA Milestones (Member News)
  • The Last Word