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*Editorial Calendar is tentative and subject to change

2024 Editorial Calendar



Bonus Distributions

Ad Submission Deadlines

January/ February

Digital Twins for Power systems

Space Reservation: 11/30/2023

Materials: 12/05/2023


Inverter-Based Resources Dominated (IBR) System Operation

Space Reservation: 1/16/2024

Materials: 01/19/2024


Vision Of The Future End-to-End Network

Space Reservation: 3/20/2024

Materials: 03/22/2024


Energy Justice

Space Reservation: 05/21/2024

Materials: 05/23/2024

September/ October

Offshore Transmission Technologies

Space Reservation: 07/22/2024

Materials: 07/24/2024

November/ December

AI to Enhance Power System Capabilities: Modeling, Operation and Control

Space Reservation: 09/18/2024

Materials: 09/20/2024

Topics are tentative and subject to change.

In Every Issue

Our editor details the contents of the issue and pinpoints the
relevance and importance of the subject matter covered in the issue to the readers of the magazine.

power & energy magazine is interested in airing the concerns
of its readers regularly. This page is designed to foster
intelligent debate and discussion. Readers are encouraged to share their views on issues affecting the electric power engineering profession. All letters are reviewed and edited for appropriateness and then included in our upcoming issues.

A message from the leadership of the IEEE PES. This regular column updates our readers  and members of the PES with  all of the significant technical  and business news and developments within the society.

The guest editorial is written by the guest editors/writers who have authored or provided editorial direction for many of the feature articles in the issue.

Readers of power & energy magazine need information about the latest and most relevant books and literature that can impact their future understanding of power engineering. power & energy magazine carefully selects a book title and presents chapter highlights in a concise, easy-to-read format.

The “In My View” column is an opinion piece by a recognized technical leader in the electric power industry.

Recipients of power & energy magazine read about the individuals who have been honored and who have received special recognition and awards not only from the PES, but also from the IEEE.

Technologies and the inventors are featured in this department every issue. The fascinating power engineering world is comprised of a limitless number of innovations and the people who made them work. This historical perspective is presented in every issue of power & energy magazine. It is a department that provides a perspective of the great accomplishments of the past from which we can fuse a bridge to the future.

Provides information about PES meetings. Meetings
are detailed by time, date, location, call for papers
and website address.

Everything you need to know about the individuals, events and ongoing developments within the PES Society and who and what is making news.

A full list of advertisers within each issue is logged in an index.