Advertorial Sponsored Eblast

Establish your company as a thought leader by participating in our monthly eBlast opportunity. This exclusive opportunity is limited to only ONE company per month. 

This opportunity includes:

  • One company logo (150 pixels wide max)
  • 600 x 350 banner
  • Company tagline (5-10 words)
  • 70-100 words of text
  • Call to action text (5-7 words). If not provided, the default text will be “Learn More”
  • One URL/call-to-action link

Enjoy the benefits of a targeted eBlast:

  • Frequently forwarded to others for additional exposure
  • Directs visitors to the landing page of your choice to facilitate the purchasing process
  • Each email is exclusive

Advertorial guidelines:

  • Content should include educational, practical, useful information in which the member would find value, and should be independent of the particular advertiser. The overall message and tone should not be promotional in nature.
  • AGC Georgia reserves the right to edit or alter content as it deems necessary to meet the above requirements and provide maximum value for its members.
  • White paper captions and links are allowed/encouraged.
  • Advertisers are only allowed one eBlast per quarter, a maximum of four per year. Content must be different for each eBlast.
Current Rates (GGC-N8022)
  • Display Advertising

  • Rate

  • Advertorial (610x1024 image) - 1 issue
  • Dimension (W x H)
  • Units
  • Accepted File Types
  • 610 x 1024
  • Pixels
  • All Adobe products with supporting files (links and fonts included/embedded)
For more information, please visit:

  • Supplementary Charges

  • Artwork Creation
  • $50.00
  • Member Discount
  • 5.00%