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Advertise in a winning environment. Written by industry leaders and peers, IEEE Spectrum features content that consistently wins awards in the engineering media category.

Editorial Excellence

2021 American Business Media Neal Awards
  • Grand Neal Award
  • Best Media Brand (Oct 2020, “A Special Report: The Next Pandemic”)
  • Best Single Issue (May 2020, “Over a Barrel”)
  • Best Single Article (May 2020, Maria Callucci and Jean Kumagai for “What to Do with 177 Tanks of Radioactive Sludge”)
  • Best COVID-Related Package (Oct 2020, “A Special Report: The Next Pandemic”)
  • Best News Coverage (Eliza Strickland for COVID reporting)
  • Best Art Direction for a Cover (Feb 2020, Mark Montgomery for “Black Hole”)

*Spectrum has now won the Grand Neal a total of five times, the most times any publication has ever received the award.

2022 American Business Media Neal Awards
  • Best Media Brand
  • Best Website
  • Best range of work by a single author: Evan Ackerman
  • Best Commentary (Stephen Cass, “Hands On”)
  • Best art direction for a Cover (April 2021, “The Ultimate Incubator”)
  • Best art direction for a single article (April 2021, “The Ultimate Incubator”)
2023 American Business Media Neal Awards
  • Best Single Article
  • Best Subject-Related Package
  • Best Single Issue Of A Tabloid/Newspaper/Magazine
  • Best Art Direction For A Cover
  • Best Overall Art Direction/Design
  • Best Range Of Work By A Single Author
  • Best Range Of Work By A Media Brand
  • Best DEI Coverage.