Sponsorship Packages   

1. IEEE.tv Title Sponsorship 

  • Title level annual sponsorship includes sponsorship recognition on all programming and web pages
  • 180×150 sponsorship message appears on the top of all IEEE.tv web pages and on the video viewer, next to video
  • Semi-exclusive sponsorship: available to maximum of three companies annually
  • Sponsor Logo message on all IEEE.tv e-mail campaigns and newsletters
  • Includes placement of sponsor’s videos in Marketplace section (up to 1 new video per month per year)
  • Logo on “splash screen” of mobile viewing experience
  • Annual Sponsorship Fee: USD $3,000/month (1 year commitment)

2. Video Pre-roll and Companion Ad Bundle

Put your message in front of the IEEE.tv audience with our combined banner, video overlay and video pre-roll advertising bundle.
  • Video pre-roll (up to 15 seconds) + Run-Of-Site with current ad unit(s)
  • Includes minimum 10,000 ROS preroll plays monthly, with companion banner ads and overlay ads
  • Additional 15,000 ROS banner impressions monthly
  • Run-of-site ads on mobile viewing experience
  • USD $1,500/month

3. Conference Sponsorship Package

IEEE is the leading producer of technology conferences worldwide.
IEEE.tv conference coverage offers unique sponsorship opportunities.
  • IEEE.tv coverage includes a conference overview video, plus individual “tech showcase” productions
  • Conference video overview sponsorship: Video(s) can be sponsored with pre-roll ad— (up to 15 seconds) Cost: US$5,000 for sponsorship, includes “Tech Showcase” video
  • Live event coverage and sponsorship: IEEE.tv offers live streaming coverage of keynotes, roundtables, award ceremonies and other special events. Live events can be sponsored for US$5,000 per event (approx. 1 hour of streaming content). Also available: event capture and onsite broadcast capabilities
  • “Tech showcase” videos produced onsite and promoted as part of show package: US$2,500 per video/hosted for minimum of one year. These are linked from the conference website and included in the Marketplace Video section and promoted as featured videos
  • TechCast webcast package: couples Tech Showcase video and
    traditional webcast technology: US $10,000 package cost. Promoted as part of event marketing
  • Sponsor ads on mobile view of conference programming

4. Sponsored Video—Channel Sponsorships

Pick the technology topics that best relate to your product/service.
Select individual videos or sponsor a series of videos.
  • Select from sponsorships for existing videos (Analog/Digital, for example) and upcoming, planned content from Editorial Calendar
  • 15 second pre-roll ad message on sponsored video(s) includes companion bundle: banner ads and video overlay ads
  • Featured Video Promotion Program:
    ‒‒ sponsored videos are promoted in our newsletter, with a distribution of 350,000+, going to all IEEE members
    ‒‒ Up to three videos to be featured
  • Series sponsorships cover multiple videos around topic-specific areas (package price based on number of videos in topic area)

5. Custom Video

Propose a topic and work with IEEE video editors to create unique programming
  • Billed at hourly rate on per-project basis (see full rate sheet for custom projects)
  • Target US$8,000-$12,000 per video; approximately US$2,000/per produced minute (US$10,000 for five minute video)
  • Includes usage rights (with credit to IEEE.tv)
  • Includes promo package: newsletter, IEEE.tv Guide, medallion

6. Marketplace Videos

Focus on your company or product. Can be shot at IEEE conferences, or use your existing company video.
  • Conference videos for sponsors/exhibitors at events: US$2,500 fee includes 1 month e-mail promotion, hosting for 1 year. Can be renewed for US$1,000/ year. Can add banners at discount to promote Marketplace video
  • Other vendor-produced videos hosted @ US$1,500/year; up to 12 videos
Rates are net and per insertion. Reservation is on a first-come first-served basis

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