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2023 Production Schedule

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Regular Issue

  • A Survey of Small Low-Frequency Antennas
  • Design and Assessment of a Wearable Folded Planar Dipole Antenna for On-Body Wireless Communication Devices
  • Simple, Low-Cost and Reconfigurable Metamaterials and Metasurfaces Based on Reusable Building Blocks
  • DRA Induced Conduction Current on the Metallic Ground Plane: Interesting Observations on its Impact and Usefulness
  • Uncertainty analysis on FD-FDTD computation with artificial neural network
  • CRLH-TL Metamaterial Inspired Small Antenna Design: Topologies, Reconfigurability, and Applications
  • Numerical and Experimental Characterization of LoRa-based Helmet-to-UAV links on Flat Lands
  • Electromagnetic Modeling Using an FDTD Equivalent Recurrent Convolution Neural Network

Space Reservation: 01/05/2023

Materials Due: 01/09/2023


Regular Issue

  • Sources of Cross-Polarized Radiation in Microstrip Patches: Multiparametric Identification and Insights for Advanced Engineering
  • The Curious Case of Effective Isotropic Sensitivity: Polarization Mismatch in Over-the-Air Testing of Wireless User Equipment
  • The Transmon Qubit for Electromagnetics Engineers: An Introduction
  • On the Reflectivity of Materials for Radio Telescope and Space Antenna Applications: Antenna reflector loss needs to be known for many specific antenna applications
  • Scalable Undersized Dataset RF Classification: Using convolutional multistage training
  • Manufacturing Guidelines for W-Band Full-Metal Waveguide Devices: Selecting the Most Appropriate Technology
  • Endfire Circularly Polarized Planar Antennas: A Review of Their Development
  • On De-Pointing Effects Caused by Snow Accumulation on Radomes for Ground Stations Working at K-Band: An analysis of the SNOWBEAR project

Space Reservation: 03/03/2023

Materials Due: 03/07/2023



Space Reservation: 05/04/2023

Materials Due: 05/09/2023


Regular Issue

Space Reservation: 07/10/2023

Materials Due: 07/13/2023


Regular Issue

Space Reservation: 09/08/2023

Materials Due: 09/12/2023


Regular Issue

Space Reservation: 11/06/2023

Materials Due: 11/09/2023


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