“Suggested” Sponsored Posts

Position your company as a thought leader and solution provider in the industry by including content on our website under your area of expertise! Our website sponsored content opportunities allow you to reach key decision-makers at their workplace or on the go, educate our members regarding the benefits of using your product or service, and improve the credibility of your company.

A “Suggested” Sponsored Post is pinned to the top of a community for two weeks. It includes an image, up to 150 words of text and a link. Reporting includes pageviews, unique pageviews, and average time on page. Your post is also included in Daily Digest Newsletter.

The association and Naylor will have final approval of text in the sponsored content. Contact your sales representative for additional details on content guidelines.

Rates are net. Reservation is on a first-come first-served basis

IEEE Collabratec Sponsored Badge Challenge

Badge challenges introduce IEEE Members and like-minded professionals to resources accessible through IEEE Collabratec Communities, and recognize participants for achievement.

Badges are awarded by performing a variety of challenges, in specific communities or across several communities on IEEE Collabratec. Badge Challenges facilitate the discovery of content and resources. Participants engage with this content by providing professional perspective on a topic, viewing and commenting on video content, technical papers or presentations, networking with peers – or joining others to solve math challenges.

Sponsored Badge Challenges are Custom Solutions. Meet today with your Naylor rep and IEEE Collabratec product team to discuss your goals.

How IEEE Collabratec Badge Challenges Work

Participants follow the clues that are placed throughout the platform, perform the activities specified by each clue until they have met the requirements to earn the badge. Awarded badges are displayed on user profiles in IEEE Collabratec and can be shared on Social Media.

The more participants engage the more points they can earn.

During COVID-19, badge challenges are keeping the IEEE Collabratec network connected, engaged, and inspired.