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IEEE Control Systems

Control systems are a key technology in the manufacturing, automation, materials processing, automotive, and aerospace industries. Reach nearly 8,000 readers who are innovators involved in the design, development and implementation of control systems. 

IEEE Control Systems encompasses the design, analysis, implementation and operation of feedback from fundamental mathematical theory to an extraordinary range of application domains across energy, transport, biology, economics, aerospace, process industries, finance, etc. The breadth of areas covered by control systems indicates the power of methodology and utility of the focus on modeling, estimation and feedback control.

Content Curated for the Control Systems Audiences

CSS Readership:

Reach the largest concentration of high tech professionals in the field: 


of readers have 10+ years experience in their profession

Readers in Business and Industry:



of readers are Engineers or are in Engineering Management

Aim & Scope:

IEEE Control Systems publishes interesting, useful, and informative material on all aspects of control system technology for the benefit of control educators, practitioners, and researchers.

IEEE Control Systems is the largest circulation technical periodical worldwide devoted to all aspects of control systems. The magazine publishes tutorial and expository articles on all areas of control system design and applications. Authors are encouraged to submit articles on applications, design tools, control education, and applied research.

The breadth of industries covered by Control Systems provides for a wealth of industries to tap into:

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More than $5.7 Trillion was generated in the US Finance Industry in 2022.

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$280.9 Billion in revenue was generated in Scientific Research and Development in the US in 2022.