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About DEIS's Electrical Insulation Magazine:

The Electrical Insulation Magazine is involved in providing leadership, coordination, and communication, among those who are concerned with dielectric phenomena and measurements; and with electrical insulating materials, including their behavior as it impacts on their use in electrical and electronic apparatus.

The magazine is specifically concerned with publishing articles on the development and characterization of the dielectric, chemical, mechanical and environmental properties of all vacuum, gaseous, liquid, and solid electrical insulation, and with utilization of these materials in circuits and systems under conditions of use.

Reach the Largest Concentration of High-Tech Pros in the Industry:

Electrical Insulation Magazine

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of the engineering and engineering management industry.


have more than 10+ years experience in their field.

The professionals who rely on Electrical Insulation Magazine for work-related information and solutions are working at the companies you want to reach, including:
  • Siemens Energy, Inc.
  • Doble Engineering Company
  • ABB Corporate Research
  • BC Hydro
  • General Electric Co
  • Kinectrics, Inc.
  • Schneider Electric
  • Cargill, Inc.
  • Hydro-Quebec
  • Phenix Technologies, Inc.

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