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Reach 14,000 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Professionals & Students

Industry Applications Society is one of the largest IEEE Societies,
with 171 Section Chapters and 324 Student Branch Chapters

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Advertise to a $225 Billion Industry

IEEE Industrial Applications Magazine is a Direct Touch-Point into the Growing Electrical Industry

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Industry Applications Magazine

IEEE Industry Applications Magazine readers are leading innovators who explore how technology drives industry and impacts modern society and business — both today and in the future.
The magazine covers the development, design, manufacture and application of electrical  systems, apparatus, devices, and controls.

Content Curated for the Industry Applications Audience

IA Readership:


of readers have 10+ years experience in their profession

More than 51% of members are from Industry



of readers are Engineers or are in Engineering Management

45% of IA Magazine Readers are in Academia (Students, University/Independent Research)


Recent Trend: Continued Growth in the Asia Pacific Region

The IEEE Industry Applications Magazine publishes articles concerning technical subjects and professional activities that are within the Scope of the Electrical an Electronics Engineering Industry, including:

  • emerging technologies
  • electrical history
  • industry standards
  • electrical workplace safety
  • technical learning
  • professional development
  • society awards
  • upcoming industry conferences
  • local chapter activity
  • reports of lAS activities

in all areas of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

A Recent Survey Shows

7 out of 10 IAS Members

access articles via the print magazine.

Over half of IAS Members

read between 4 and 6 issues per year.

Over 35% of IAS Members

read every issue.

Nearly 50% have been members

for over 10 years.

Almost 45% of IAS members

are in their mid or senior level career stage.

*Survey results from 2022

The Electrical/Electricians Industry Consists of over 228,000 Businesses

$ 0

in revenue was generated in the US Electricians Industry in 2022. Consistent growth is expected.

*Data from IBIS World

Industry Applications Online!

IAS Society eNewsletter

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  • IEEE IAS Members’ Preferred medium for Society Updates
  • Advertises Paid and Free Technical Content as a Member Resource

IAS Online Resource Center:

  • Technical Webinars
  • IEEE Young Professionals Webinars
  • Paid Technical Content
  • Content Archive

About IEEE Industry Applications Society



IEEE Industry Applications Society enables the advancement of theory and practice in the design, development, manufacturing and application of safe, sustainable, reliable, smart electrical systems, equipment and services.

IEEE Industry Applications Society will be a world leader in the advancement of science and technology linking theory and practice in the application of electrical and electronic systems for the benefit of humanity


  • The advancement of theory and practice of electrical and electronic engineering for the benefit of humanity;
  • The promotion of safe, reliable, sustainable and economical installations;
  • The sharing of knowledge in our domains;
  • The creation of engineering standards and recommended practices;
  • The professional development of our global membership.

IAS on Social Media:

Follower Demographics: 

75% Male / 25% Female

IAS Linkedin: Nearly 6,000 Group Members and 800 Page Follows, 8x YOY growth

IAS Facebook Page Sees Nearly 13% Organic Growth YOY, with 7,700 Active Followers