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Why Advertise with the Big ‘I’?

If you want to reach independent agents and brokers, Independent Agent will deliver. Independent Agent is more than just a content platform—it’s a community. By partnering with Independent Agent, you can:

Leverage the association’s credibility with independent insurance agents and brokers to enhance your company’s brand.

Independent Agent is the flagship publication platform of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (Big ‘I’), the industry’s premier trade association. Our readers invest in their Big “I” membership and look to Independent Agent for the essential information and tools required to effectively run their agencies.

Amplify your advertising spend by targeting your intended audience: independent agents.

If your target audience is independent agents, why spend money reaching insurance carrier personnel or “non-titled” recipients? Per BPA audit, Independent Agent is the only publication that delivers an audience of 100% independent agents and brokers who sell personal and commercial lines.

Capitalize on our deep understanding of the independent agent and broker market to create marketing messages that resonate.

No other insurance trade publication platform understands independent agents and brokers like Independent Agent. If the content of your marketing message is valuable to independent agents, they will listen.

Maximize the association’s thought leadership and original research to engage your target audience.

Big ‘I’ is an industry thought leader, and Independent Agent gives agents access to insights and analysis they can’t get anywhere else. Big ‘I’ research includes the Agency Universe Study, the most comprehensive study conducted on the independent agent distribution channel, and the Best Practices Study, an inside look into the most successful agencies across all size categories nationwide. The association’s role on Capitol Hill, in statehouses, in the media, and with carriers offers a unique lens to share the information that agents want most.

Reach decision makers—avoid redundant circulation.

Make sure your advertising message is reaching readers who can increase your market share and influence others to buy from you.

The Big 'I' Experience

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The Big ‘I’ has a trusted relationship with members which extends to the Independent Agent‘s reader experience.

Independent Agent:

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Independent Agent is your connection to independent agents and brokers 

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