ISEE Online Buyers Guide

The ISEE’s Online Buyers Guide is a user-friendly forum designed to bring suppliers and end-users together. Available whenever you need it, our platform makes it easy to locate products and professional services geared to the industry.

A Reference at Your Fingertips:
  • Cross-promoted in other ISEE communication pieces
  • Optimized to drive traffic from search engines and the ISEE home page
  • Efficient browsing with fewer clicks
  • Users can set the site as their default browser, bringing them to your listing
  • Directs visitors to a landing page to learn more about your business
  • Google™ integration returns richer results
  • Consumers come to you when they are ready to buy
  • Customized listing and enhanced content
On average, the site receives more than 3,000 page views per month
*Traffic numbers from Jan/2019 – Dec/2019

Top 3 Super Categories

  • Monitoring / Surveying / Testing
  • Services
  • Explosives
Rectangle Package
No matter what page of the Online Buyers’ Guide visitors click on, your message will be prominently displayed! Your ad will be displayed on both Leaderboards, as well as in the Rectangle Ad position. Run-of-site. Only ten banner packages are available.


Display your business uniquely on every page of the site and showcase your company at the top of every page with a call to action. Viewers click and expand the ad to view your full message. This exclusive position is only available to one advertiser!

Category Rectangles
The Category Rectangle appears in the third rectangle position on the right column of the category of your choice, as well as on the home page, ensuring your message impacts those in the market for your specific products and services. Only one advertiser per category.
Featured Company
The Featured Companies section allows five companies to showcase their offerings through two rotating rectangle positions. Includes company logo and a short description. Run-of-site.


Rates are net. Reservation is on a first-come, first-served basis.