NHPCO Online Buyers’ Guide


The NHPCO MarketBASE takes online buyers’ guides to the next level, delivering a content-rich, interactive site where buyers can come to research products and services in their industry, and your company can become a thought leader by delivering valuable content to engage with potential customers.

24/7 fully responsive buyers’ guide with a number of features:
  • Improved search with auto-suggest functionality built in to help deliver quick, relevant results.
  • Multiple advertising options including enhanced listings with added features, run-of-site display advertising, and sponsored content marketing opportunities.
  • The ability to log-in and purchase or update your own listing information.
  • Cross promotion in other NHPCO communication pieces.
  • Advertising opportunities leading visitors to a landing page of your choice to learn more about your business offerings.
  • Google™ integration allowing for extensive search engine optimization.
On average, the site receives:
  • More than 440 visits per month
  • More than 1,980 page views per month
  • More than 5.6 page views per session
  • Sessions lasting nearly 3 minutes and 10 seconds
*Traffic numbers from 08/2019 – 07/2020
 Super Leaderboard – EXCLUSIVE

12 months, 970×90 pixels*. Display your business uniquely and exclusively! Showcase your company at the top of every page with a call to action.


12 months, 3 rotations, 160×600 pixels*. The skyscraper is positioned on the left-hand column of every page, ensuring your message is prominently displayed.

1st Run-of-Site (ROS) Rectangle
2nd ROS Rectangle

12 months, 3 rotations, 300×250 pixels*. The rectangle positions are located on the right-hand column of every page, ensuring your message is prominently displayed.

3rd Category Rectangle

12 months, exclusive, 300×250 pixels*. The category rectangle is located on the right-hand column as the exclusive ad for a category page of your choice, ensuring your message is displayed in front of a relevant audience.

Rates are net. Reservation is on a first-come first-served basis