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The Concrete Credentials podcast features experts from the design, development, construction, and other sectors in an effort to educate podcast listeners on the benefits of utilizing concrete.

  • Listeners from a total of 47 countries/territories
  • 6,995 downloads worldwide
    • 6,680 downloads in North America
    • 184 downloads in Europe
    • 49 downloads in Australia
    • 47 downloads in Asia
    • 18 downloads in Africa
    • 16 downloads in South America
  • Downloads from a total of 1,173 cities

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Episode Nine of Concrete Credentials Coming Soon!
Welcome Chief Butch Browning to Concrete Credentials! In our upcoming episode, Chief Browning discusses his career in fire safety, improvements to Louisiana’s construction and building safety codes, and how non-combustible materials such as #concrete can keep our loved ones safe.

Let’s Talk About Fire Safety!
Join Concrete Credentials on May 12th as we sit down with our next guest, Executive Director of the National Association of State Fire Marshals, Chief Butch Browning. With over 34 years of career experience in fire safety,  Chief Browning has made a significant impact on LA’s building and construction safety codes and standards.

Episode Nine of Concrete Credentials is OUT NOW!
Our new episode of Concrete Credentials is available for listening! Join us as we welcome the Executive Director of The National Association of State Fire Marshals, Chief Butch Browning, to the show. You don’t want to miss this one, listen now! [LINK]

Don’t Miss Our Hot New Episode of Concrete Credentials!
Have you heard? Our new episode of Concrete Credentials is out now! In this episode, we discuss fire safety in construction and how non-combustible building materials like #concrete can keep our families safe now and in the future. Listen now! [LINK]

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