Exclusive Sponsored Content eBlast Opportunity

Establish your company as a thought leader by participating in our eBlast opportunity. Each eBlast is sent to more than 4,100+ key decision-makers and this exclusive opportunity is limited to one company each issue. Please contact your Naylor account representativefor available distribution dates.

Advertorial Guidelines:
  • Content should include practical, useful information in which the member would find value.
  • Advertisers who wish to reach both the English and French membership must supply their content and creative in English and French separately.
  • The overall message and tone should be educational and not promotional in nature.
  • The association reserves the right to edit, alter or decline content as it deems necessary to meet the above requirements and provide maximum value for its members.
  • Advertiser provides an email subject line, 570 x 200 static image, one click-through URL and a maximum of 350 words. Call to action text (5-7 words) should also be provided. If not provided, the default text will be “Learn More”.

Current Rates (RAI-N8024)
  • Display Advertising

  • Rate

  • Advertorial English (570x200 Image) - 1 Issue
  • Dimension (W x H)
  • Units
  • Accepted File Types
  • 570 x 200
  • Pixels
  • All Adobe products with supporting files (links and fonts included/embedded)
For more information, please visit: