NASBP Editorial Content Calendar

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*Editorial Calendar is tentative and subject to change.

Spring 2022


Bonus Distribution: TBD
  • From the CEO Column
  • Can a producer’s knowledge expose a surety to a claim? 
  • Fraud in the Contract Disputes Act claim process
  • Agent duties to the surety
  • The potential for defensive payment bond discharge as a defense to a False Claims Act complaint
  • Advice for commercial 

Ad Space date: 1/28/2022
Materials deadline: 2/1/2022
Ships: March 2022

Summer 2022


Bonus Distribution: TBD

  • From the CEO Column
  • Cryptocurrencies and money transmitter bonds
  • Profile of 2022-2023 NASBP President Nick Newton
  • State of the Industry outlook

Ad Space date: 5/11/2022
Materials deadline: 5/13/2022
Ships: June 2022

Fall 2022

Technology and Resources

Bonus Distribution: TBD

  • From The CEO Column
Service Provider Supplement

Ad Space date: 8/2/2022
Materials deadline: 8/4/202
Ships: September 2022

Winter 2022


Bonus Distribution: TBD

  • From the CEO Column
Surety Company Supplement

Ad Space date: 10/17/2022
Materials deadline: 10/19/2022
Ships: November 2022