Service Provider Profiles – Exclusively in the Fall Issue of Surety Bond Quarterly

The fall issue of Surety Bond Quarterly magazine will include a special service provider profiles section. The profiles are half page profiles that include:

  • The interviewee’s name, email, phone and website.
  • Up to 250 words to answer questions provided; must answer at least 2 questions. NASBP/Naylor will select 1-2 favorite answers per company and edit as needed.
  • Up to 45 words of company overview.
  • A high resolution photo, up to 2″ x 1.85″ (300 dpi).
  • A high resolution logo 2″w x 0.75″h
Bonus distribution to Fall Meetings!
Rates are net and per insertion. Premium positions are an additional charge. Reservation is on a first-come, first-served basis.
Current Rates (SBP-A0123)
  • Display Advertising - Full Color

  • 1x

  • 1/2 Page Company Listing FC