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AAPA Seaports of the Americas Directory 2024

Ships February 2024

AAPA’s comprehensive annual profile and directory of the port authorities,  terminal operators and port services industry.




AAPA Seaports Magazine

Q1 2024, Vol. 72 – First Quarter

Ships March 2024

Theme: Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure Development
  • Legislative, Regulatory and Trade Issues
  • Port Leadership Best Practices
  • Developing Teams to Support Supply Chain Needs
  •  Port Expansion Financing and Investment Opportunities
  • Cruise Industry Infrastructure Investments
  • Risk Management Strategies to Protect Critical Infrastructure
  • Inland Ports and Connectivity
  • Preparing and Recovering from Natural Disasters
    Bonus Feature: 2023 Lighthouse Awards Winners

AAPA Legislative Summit

Port & Terminal Operations
Management Training

Port Administration Management Conference



AAPA Seaports Magazine

Q2 2024, Vol. 73 Second Quarter

Ships June 2024

Theme: Technology

  • Technology Advancements and Trends
  • Digitalization in Port Operations
  • Security and Risk Management
  •  Forecasting and Data Analysis in Decision-Making and Planning
  • AI, Automation, Robotics and the Workforce
  • Best Practices in Port Security
  • Crisis Management and Preparedness
  • Addressing the Workforce Skills Gap

Smart Ports Seminar & Expo



AAPA Seaports Magazine

Q3 2024, Vol. 74 – Third Quarter

Ships October 2024

Theme: Business and Economic Trends

  • State of the Port Industry
  • Globalization, Supply Chain and Container
  • Shipping Trends
  • International Trade Partnerships
  • Strategies for Increasing Port Efficiency and
  • Productivity
  • Ports and Their Communities: Fostering Connections, Opportunities and Sustainability
  • Labor and Workforce Issues
  • Leadership and Succession Planning
  • DEI in the Ports Industry
  • Bonus Feature: AAPA 113th Annual Convention

AAPA Annual Convention
October 27 – 30, 2024

Latin American Congress of Ports



AAPA Smart Guide
Digital ONLY

Ships December 2024

Available to AAPA corporate
members, this annual pocket guide provides up-to-date contact and industry information.




AAPA Seaports Magazine


Q4 2024, Vol. 75 – Fourth Quarter

Ships December 2024

Theme: In The Spotlight

  • Net-Zero Energy Investments
  • Ports and the Transition to Clean Energy
  • Case Studies in Sustainability Initiatives
  • Addressing Environmental Regulation
  • Clean Technology Adoption for Ports
  • Meeting Reduced Carbon Footprint Goals
  • Cruise Industry Innovations and Decarbonization Goals

POWERS Summit & Expo 



AAPA Seaports of the Americas Directory

Ships February 2025

AAPA’s comprehensive annual profile and directory of the port authorities,  terminal operators and port services industry.




In Every Issue

From the Front Lines – Port leaders share first-hand perspectives and insights based on their direct involvement in the Western Hemisphere port industry.
Guest Article – ISP, SCP, Academia and Associate AAPA members share informative stories about activities, initiatives, challenges and partnerships related to the growth of the industry.
Ports + Politics – Learn about what legislative activities and bills are in the works and how AAPA is involved, as well as how these changes may impact the industry.
Latin American Connection – Find out how ports in Latin America differ – and their similarities – to North American ports, as well as their solutions to common challenges.

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