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Reach more than 7,000 key decision
makers in biomedical engineering

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About Biomedical Engineering Society

  • We represent more than 7,500 members who control multi-million dollar spending budgets.
  • Our members include approximately 2,800 faculty members and 5,200 students at more than 140 universities.*
  • The number of biomedical engineering professionals is expected to increase by 62%, adding approximately 10,000 additional positions by the year 2020.
  • Our members are constantly in need of products and services, such as: 3D printers, bioprinters, air filtration equipment, antibodies, atomic force microscopes, laboratory supplies, laser manufacturers, modeling software and more. and Biomedical Engineering News are used by leading biomedical engineering professionals including:

  • Biomedical Engineers
  • Biomolecular Engineers
  • Deans of Engineering
  • University Department Chairs
  • Lab Directors
  • Nanomedicine Researchers
  • Principal Research Scientists
  • Professors
  • Government Officials

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