Align Your Brand With CalSAE

CalSAE is the second largest society of association executives with 1,400+ members across California & Oregon.

Advancing Together With CalSAE

  • Each CalSAE association member spends an average of $450,000 on products and services in the association industry, and $230,000 on conventions and meetings each year.
  • CalSAE is the second largest local society of association executives/professionals in the nation with over 1,400 members.
  • Association management is a nearly $3 billion market in California. Our members are the executives who make purchasing decisions within this industry.
  • 60% of members are senior executives and CEOs.

Our members are:

  • Association Executive Directors
  • Presidents and CEOs
  • Trade show planners
  • Association professionals
  • Independent meeting planners
  • Association management firms
  • Hotel industry representatives

Exciting News: The Executive Magazine Returns to Print!

We’re thrilled to announce that The Executive, CalSAE’s leading quarterly magazine, is making a triumphant return to print! Starting with the upcoming Fall 2023 issue, you can once again enjoy our print format’s tangible and immersive experience, providing you with the added benefit of print exposure. And rest assured; your advertisement will continue to receive year-round visibility through our digital edition, which is emailed to all members and archived on our website.

Opportunities Available in Print and Online

CalSAE’s official quarterly magazine, The Executive, proudly serves as a trusted member resource. With an average circulation of 1,390 copies and bonus distribution for show issues, The Executive reaches CalSAE members and association professionals. The digital edition is emailed to all members and archived on the CalSAE website, ensuring your advertisement receives year-round visibility. In addition to the existing benefits of the digital edition, the return of the print version will offer a tangible and immersive reading experience, further enhancing engagement with our esteemed audience.

Prominent advertising positions are available on Members turn here to get up-to-date information and see upcoming events.

Establish your company as a thought leader by participating in our twice-a-month eBlast opportunity. This exclusive opportunity is limited to only two companies per month. Each eBlast is sent to over 2,200 key decision-makers!

Gain targeted exposure by featuring your brand on both CalSAE’s public Industry Partner Business Directory and secured Membership Directory. The Industry Partner Business Directory serves as a user-friendly platform that facilitates connections between suppliers and end-users, providing a seamless experience. On the other hand, the Membership Directory houses detailed profiles of all CalSAE members, enabling effective networking and targeted business outreach opportunities. Take advantage of these influential directories to expand your reach and enhance your business presence.

Build your brand beyond CalSAE’s website through audience extension (also known as site retargeting). With retargeting, your ad is served to site visitors as they frequent other sites across the web.

CalSAE’s weekly eNewsletter, UPDATE, offers a unique opportunity to target association management professionals and expand your reach within the industry. Each Wednesday afternoon, UPDATE delivers the best ideas, articles, tools, and insights related to association management to members’ inboxes.

Contact your Naylor account executive today for information on the full suite of advertising opportunities available with CalSAE.