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GSAE is the state’s only professional association for the executives of nonprofit trade organizations and membership societies.

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We represent business, industrial, professional and community service organizations with a combined economic impact in Georgia totaling an estimated $71 million.

GSAE Means Business

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The professional organization industry has a $27.9 billion purchasing power nationwide, and Georgia’s professional organization industry has a purchasing power of $725 million.

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Of the nearly 500 GSAE members, 300 represent an association or nonprofit and over 130 of those members are CEOs of their association.

GSAE Media Offerings

connections Magazine

This industry-leading publication features news and highlights that are critical to our constituency. Featuring rotating spotlights and destination highlights, our quarterly magazine is a trusted and valued member resource.

Membership Directory & Buyers’ Guide

This annual publication contains valuable member information and is used as a purchasing tool all year long. Members consult this guide when looking for contact information for other members and suppliers.

Sponsored Digital Edition eBlasts

With each edition of connections and the Membership Directory & Buyers’ Guide, an email is sent to all members to inform them that the digital edition is now available.

GSAE Update eNewsletter

Our monthly newsletter provides nearly 1,200 decision-makers with up-to-date industry information and association news.

Sponsored Content Eblast

Establish your company as a thought leader by participating in our exclusive monthly eBlast.

GSAE Website Advertising

GSAE members frequent to discover upcoming events, connect with members, search buyer’s guides, learn about the CAE certification, and more.

Audience Extension

Build your brand beyond GSAE’s website through audience extension (also known as site retargeting).