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IEEE Electron Devices Society Newsletter

IEEE Electron Devices Society Newsletter readers make up a global community of leading innovators who explore how technology drives industry and impacts modern society and business – both today and tomorrow.

The Electron Devices Society Newsletter, delivered Quarterly to 10,000 IEEE EDS Members, covers regional and chapter activities, technical meetings, awards, and other news and initiatives of the society.

Content Curated for the IEEE Electron Devices Audiences

The IEEE EDS Newsletter is delivered to all IEEE EDS Members in the formats of their choice.

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EDS Readership:

Reach the largest concentration of high tech professionals in the field: 


of readers have 10+ years experience in their profession


of readers are Engineers or are in Engineering Management

Top 3 Countries for Online Readership:

  1. United States
  2. India
  3. China

Field of Interest:

The EDS field-of-interest includes all electron and ion based devices, in their classical or quantum states, using environments and materials in their lowest to highest conducting phase, in simple or engineered assembly, interacting with and delivering photo-electronic, electro-magnetic, electromechanical, electro-thermal, and bio-electronic signals.

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