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The IEEE Photonics Society is a global community of leading innovators who explore how technology drives industry and impacts modern society and business — both today and tomorrow.

IEEE Photonics Society News covers the application of lasers, optical devices, optical fibers and lightwave technology.

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The IEEE Photonics Society forms the hub of a vibrant technical community of more than 100,000 professionals dedicated to transforming breakthroughs in quantum physics into the devices, systems and products to revolutionize our daily lives. From ubiquitous and inexpensive global communications via fiber optics, to lasers for medical and other applications, to flat-screen displays, to photovoltaic devices for solar energy, to LEDs for energy-efficient illumination, there are myriad examples of the society’s impact on the world around us.

The breadth of industries covered by Photonics provides for a wealth of industries to tap into:

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More than $1.0 Billion in revenue was generated in the US Lighting & Bulb Manufacturing Industry in 2019.

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$1.7 Billion in revenue was generated in the US LED Manufacturing Industry in 2019.

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Over $242.6 Billion in revenue was generated by the SUV & Light Truck Manufacturing Industries in 2019.

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