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The world’s largest and most experienced international education and training organizations.
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IIE: The Power of Internation Education
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The Strength of IIE

The Institute of International Education (IIE) is a global not-for-profit established in 1919 as the first private organization facilitating international exchanges.

For more than 100 years, IIE has been the leader in designing and implementing international education strategies and program services. IIE works with governments, policymakers, educators, and employers around the world to prepare students and professionals for the global workforce and equip them to solve the increasingly complex challenges facing our interconnected world. With support from donors, IIE also creates initiatives that assist students, scholars, and artists whose lives and work are threatened; expand teaching and learning across cultures; and provide opportunities to underserved populations.

Global Reach: IIE has an extensive network of offices and affiliates worldwide and communicates with more than 10,000 professionals at more than 1,500 international education organizations globally through the IIENetwork.

Our Mission

IIE’s mission is to help people and organizations leverage the power of international education to thrive in today’s interconnected world. We focus on work that achieves the following: 

  • Advancing Scholarship
  • Building Economies
  • Promoting Access to Opportunity
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International Education Organizations

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More than 100 Years of Service

In Print and Online: The Power of International Education

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