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  • More than 15% of Louisiana’s general fund is derived directly from the oil and gas industry.
  • Louisiana ranks #2 in petroleum refining capacity among the 50 states.
  • Louisiana is the #4 producer of natural gas and #9 producer of crude oil when combined with offshore production.
  • Louisiana’s oil and gas industry generates more than 40,000 direct jobs¬†and over 250,000 indirect jobs in all but one of Louisiana’s 64 parishes.
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LOGA members are major contributors to the industry’s $72.8 billion annual economic impact for the state of Louisiana.


There are nearly 125,000 miles of pipeline transporting crude petroleum and natural gas across the state and offshore.

LOGA members represent 90% of the top 50 exploration and production companies in Louisiana and represent nearly every sector of Louisiana’s oil and gas industry.


About LOGA

We represent the independent and service sectors of the oil and gas industry in Louisiana. The representation includes exploration, production and oilfield services. Our primary goal is to provide a working environment that will enhance the industry. LOGA services its membership by creating incentives for Louisiana’s oil and gas industry by warding off tax increases, changing existing burdensome regulations, and educating the public and government about the importance of the oil and gas industry in the state of Louisiana.

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