Supporter Packages

T&D offers a variety of supporter opportunities for companies to engage with the attendees. As the largest event focused on power and energy, we believe in offering a range of options to suit the diverse needs and goals of our supports. 

We believe these sponsorship levels cater to a wide range of organizations seeking to enhance their visibility, establish thought leadership, and connect with key stakeholders in the industry. Each sponsorship level is carefully designed to provide unique benefits and opportunities. We encourage interested organizations to review the detailed benefits of each level and choose the package that aligns best with their objectives and budget. The diamond level is exclusive, but all other levels offer options to cater to different priorities, options are available a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Join us at the IEEE PES T&D Conference and take advantage of these exciting opportunities to showcase your organization’s commitment to innovation, connect with industry leaders, and make a lasting impact in the power and energy sector.

Supporter Benefits




(2 opportunities)



$20,000 $10,000

(3 opportunities)


(5 opportunities)

•Number of Full Conference Registrations






Company Logo Placement: Print program, website, mobile app, & onsite venue signage.
2 files needed: High Res PNG & Vector files (EPS, AI, PDF)

Included in ‘Thank You To Our Sponsors’ Email

1 Event Push Mobile Notification
 – Due 1 March 2024.                       -Curated by sponsor & max 175 character count. 

Mailing List of Registrants (first, last name & mailing address)

1 Email Leading Up To Event

1 Email Leaderboard & Link to be included T&D email
– Due 1 March 2024.
– Max 800 x 150px.

Social Media Post – 2024 T&D Sponsor Spotlight
Curated by PES.

IEEE PES T&D Email Sponsor Spotlight
Curated by PES.

For More information or to Reserve a Sponsorship Opportunity,
Complete a Contact Inquiry or Contact Carlos Santana: +1 (352) 333-3348 | [email protected]

DIAMOND | $65,000


The Diamond level offers the highest level of visibility and exclusivity. Supporters at this level will enjoy prominent placement of their logos on event materials, including the conference website, signage, and promotional materials. They will also receive premier recognition at the Opening Reception, a can’t miss event with industry leaders thousands of your customers and clients. This sponsorship level provides unrivaled exposure both pre-event and onsite including exclusive listing as the supporter of both the Opening Reception and Registration.

Diamond supporters gain:

  • Brand Exposure: By sponsoring the opening reception and registration, your company’s name and logo will be prominently displayed, increasing brand visibility. It can help create positive associations between your brand and the event, leading to increased brand recognition and recall among attendees.
  • Targeted Audience: Sponsoring the reception allows you to reach and engage directly with this audience, whichincludes utility professionals, potential clients, and key stakeholders. It provides an opportunity to network and  build relationships with individuals who may have a genuine interest in your products or services.
  • Thought Leadership and Expertise:
    Sponsoring the opening reception positions your company as a thought leader and expert in your industry. It shows that your organization is committed to supporting and contributing to the event and the industry as a whole. This can enhance your brand’s reputation and credibility among industry peers and potential customers.
  • Networking Opportunities: The Opening Reception offer a relaxed and social atmosphere where attendees can network and establish connections. As a sponsor, you have the advantage of being recognized as a key supporter of the event, making it easier to initiate conversations and build relationships with attendees.

The Opening Reception is the premier networking event at T&D and the event to remember. For the first time, T&D has included the opportunity for one company to be the exclusive supporter of this reception.

Company logo displayed prominently throughout the Opening Reception, including the following:

  • Signature company cocktail available at the bars with branded signage.
  • Sponsors provided cocktail cups and cocktail napkins, etc. – 4k units of each item. Due in Anaheim by Friday, 5 April 2024, delivery details are forthcoming.
  • 8 Full Conference Registrations
  • Company Logo Placement
  • Included in ‘Thank You to Our Sponsors’ Email
  • 1 Event Push Mobile Notification
  • Mailing List of Registrants
  • 1 Email Leading Up To Event
  • 1 Email Leaderboard & Link to be included T&D email
  • Social Media Post – 2024 T&D Sponsor Spotlight

PLATINUM | $40,000


The Platinum level is designed to provide sponsors with significant exposure and engagement opportunities. There are three platinum opportunities available, each supporter is able to choose from the options below and will receive prominent logo placement on various conference materials. This level also includes the opportunity to be the exclusive supporter of one of the 3 expo hall stages, Innovation, Grid Edge or Renewable Energy Stages. These opportunities will maximize brand visibility and showcase your company’s thought leadership.

Pick (1): 

  1. Innovation Stage – SOLD: IEEE PES T&D is the place to go for a wide breadth of new solutions that will deliver the promise of a reliable, safe, and affordable energy to Accelerate the Grid of Tomorrow. This is the one event attended by all of the top global decision-makers providing a not-to-be-missed opportunity to showcase innovations. Showcase your brand and engage with industry professionals and companies while they share their newest innovations, insights, best practices and practical applications. Conveniently located on the show floor. 
  2. Grid Edge Stage – SOLD: The Grid Edge state promises to be a captivating forum for industry professionals and researchers alike. This stage is dedicated to speakers and panelists exploring the cutting-edge advancements and innovative solutions at the intersection of power systems and edge technologies. Attendees can expect insightful featured keynote speakers, engaging panel discussions, ,and a glance at showcasing the IEEE-PES Grid Edge Technologies Conference and Exposition that PES runs every odd year. Through keynote and panels on this stage, we will explore critical topics impacting the grid edge, including:
      • Utilities, C&I, and Residential Customers
      • Distributed Energy Resources
      • Connected Utilities & Infrastructure
      • Policy & Regulatory Framework
      • e-Mobility & Charging Infrastructure
      • Smart Cities & IoT
      • Cyber Security & Data Privacy
      • Connectivity & Communication
      • Utility of the Future Business Models
      • Enabling Grid Edge Technologies
      • Energy Efficiency & Flexible Loads
  3. Renewable Energy Stage: The Renewable Energy stage is set to be a vibrant platform for exploring the latest developments and advancements in the field of renewable energy. This stage aims to showcase the transformative potential of renewable energy sources and their integration into existing power grid. Attendees can look forward to engaging sessions featuring renowned experts, industry leaders, and researchers who will share their insights and experiences in developing, deploying, managing, and optimizing renewable energy solutions. With the pressing need for clean energy alternatives, the IEEE PES T&D conference aims to propel the renewable energy industry forward and contribute to the global transition towards a greener and more sustainable future. The Renewable Energy stage will cover a wide range of topics, including:
      • Solar power
      • Wind energy (onshore and offshore)
      • Hydropower
      • Geothermal energy
      • Green Hydrogen
      • Bioenerg

Discussions will delve into key issues such as grid integration, energy storage solutions, policy frameworks, and technological innovations in the renewable energy sector. By bringing together a diverse array of stakeholders, this stage seeks to foster collaboration, encourage knowledge sharing, and inspire development of sustainable and scalable renewable energy solutions. 

Benefits of an Exclusive Expo Stage Sponsor:

  • Opportunity to provide introduction to stage’s highlighted speaker, once per day.
  • 3 stage presentations (1 per day), up to 45 minutes in length at sponsored stage. Content must be approved by committee with minimal commercialization.
  • 6 Full Conference Registrations
  • Company Logo Placement
  • Included in ‘Thank You to Our Sponsors’ Email
  • 1 Event Push Mobile Notification
  • Mailing List of Registrants
  • 1 Email Leading Up To Event
  • 1 Email Leaderboard & Link to be included T&D email
  • Social Media Post – 2024 T&D Sponsor Spotlight

GOLD | $30,000


The Gold level offers companies a strong presence and valuable engagement opportunities. At this level each of the four supporters will benefit from logo placement on conference materials. Companies will also have access to networking events and receive targeted marketing benefits to effectively reach their preferred audience. This level also includes the opportunity to choose from the co-sponsoring the Wednesday Networking Reception, the Mobile App or Onsite Floor planner providing targeted marketing benefits to maximize brand visibility and connect with influential attendees.

Choose (1) of the below options:

Mobile App – SOLD!

Every attendee and exhibitor will have access to the mobile app. Be the exclusive sponsor of this great show resource.  Attendees will have the official show Mobile App at their fingertips at all times. With them constantly referencing it for conference and exhibit details, you should be the exclusive sponsor of this great attendee resource. Benefits:

  • Branding on opening splash page
  • Rotating Banner on interior page
  • Custom Navigation Item on Home Page

Floorplan/Program – EXCLUSIVE – SOLD!

Have your logo on the front cover of the onsite schedule and floorplan with exhibitor. Benefits:

  • Logo on cover of Floorplan Program
  • Logo & Highlight Path to booth on interior floorplan
  • 4 Full Conference Registrations
  • Company Logo Placement
  • Included in ‘Thank You to Our Sponsors’ Email
  • 1 Event Push Mobile Notification

SILVER | $20,000 $10,000


The Silver level provides companies with a solid platform for visibility and engagement. Sponsors will have their logos featured on event materials and will benefit from networking opportunities and targeted marketing initiatives to reach their desired audience. Choose from attendee services including Power Lounges, the online directory, onsite locators, photo experience and exhibit hall lunches. 

  • Exhibit Hall Lunch – (3) Co-Supporters: Sponsoring lunch sets you apart from competitors and helps you stand out in the crowd. Attendees may be more likely to visit your booth or engage with your brand when they see the added value you bring by providing a meal. By sponsoring lunch, you contribute to their overall experience by offering a convenient, time-saving option for a meal. This is especially true as lunch will be provided all three days the exhibits are open.
      • Daily Lunch Sponsorship Opportunities – Tues, 7 May, Wed, 8 May, or Thurs, 9 May
  • 2 Full Conference Registrations
  • Company Logo Placement
  • Included in ‘Thank You to Our Sponsors’ Email
  • 1 Event Push Mobile Notification

BRONZE | $10,000


The Bronze level offers sponsors an affordable yet impactful way to be a part of the conference. Sponsors at this level will receive recognition through logo placement on conference materials and dedicated exhibition space. In addition to recognition throughout the event, Bronze supporters will be highlighted on the Wi-Fi landing page and at all Super Session coffee breaks and have the opportunity to connect with attendees and explore partnerships during these breaks. 

Joint company logos will be prominently displayed throughout daily Super Session coffee breaks, Tues – Thurs from 8 – 10am.

  • 2 Full Conference Registrations
  • Company Logo Placement
  • Included in ‘Thank You to Our Sponsors’ Email
  • 1 Event Push Mobile Notification

Disclaimer: All Event Support/Sponsorship Opportunities are Non-Cancelable after booking.