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This one-of-a-kind Internet television network presents to technology professionals from around the globe and IEEE members insightful, engaging programming focused on the what, who and how of technology today. programming
  • brings viewers Inside interviews with engineering gurus
  • explores the inner workings of the newest technologies and the standards behind those innovations
  • maps trends that are shaping the future.
  • Engineering decision makers trust for accurate, relevant reporting so they can help create tomorrow’s technology, today.
    With, you reach an audience you can’t find anywhere else: the highest level thought leaders in diverse time zones, geographies and cultures. helps viewers answer to their biggest challenge— remaining current in the face of the incredible speed of new technological developments—by going beyond new technologies and standards, creating the content that acts as the platform for today’s tech world to speak directly to the members who are the visionaries in today’s tech world. These are the innovators who know how to create competitive advantage in today’s global economy. Programming:

    Hundreds of programs in multiple categories

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    Discover What Fuels Showcases Innovators shines the spotlight on the leaders dedicated to improving life as we know it: the individuals who find innovative ways to use technology, give back to the association, and benefit humanity. These IEEE Members change the world through research, standards development, patent creation and working beyond geographic boundaries.

    IEEE Standards Guide Technology Development

    Recognizing the important role standards play within the engineering, technology and computing fields, IEEE is known as the central source for standardization in a broad range of emerging and established  technologies. IEEE has an active portfolio of nearly 1300 standards and projects under development.

    IEEE Publications Drive Patents

    Today’s corporations continue to deliver new patented technologies at an ever-increasing pace, and by far the most-cited publisher in new patents is IEEE, according to recent studies by 1790 Analytics, LLC.

    IEEE is cited over 3x more often than any other publisher

    Source: 1790 Analytics, LLC. 2021

    Target IEEE Members with

    With, you reach an audience you can’t find anywhere else – including all members of IEEE. As the official TV network of IEEE, IEEE members can access exclusive content—and download programs at their convenience.

    Reaching a New Generation of Technologists and Engineers

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    IEEE is dedicated to developing young engineers to continue the advancement of technology for humanity. Working to provide programming for this audience is a priority for

    With IEEE Members in 160 countries around the world, your message will reach beyond the
    geographic boundaries that have limited your marketing efforts in the past.

    IEEE Members work in industry, in academia, as consultants and in government positions. Your company, product or service has a broad audience when you sponsor programming or advertise on

    To keep its audience up-to-date on new program developments, IEEE. tv taps multiple news feeds, official member groups, and affiliated technology professionals via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and other social media outlets.

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    Target IEEE (continued) Viewers Choose Where to Spend Budget Dollars Viewers Are Thought Leaders Viewers Are High Level Decision Makers viewers make decisions that advance technology by specifying and purchasing your products and services.

    No matter what their responsibilities, IEEE Members are leaders in their professions. They work in areas ranging from management, design engineering, telecommunications, IT and many others.

    The individuals you reach when you sponsor programming or advertise on are those involved in the strategic direction of their organization.

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