Our Audience Breakdown and Advertising Benefits

In the spring of 2023, we surveyed our readers and advertisers about how they prefer to read the magazine, as well as their business. Here's what we found:

Over 60% of respondents said advertising in MHI communications has brought new business to their company.

Experience increased brand awareness 

0 %

Nearly 45% of respondents spent 50-99% of their advertising budget on MHI opportunities in 2022.

“Advertising with MHI directs readers to our website for information and to contact us regarding our products.”

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indicated that it is important to them to reach MHI members with their advertising message.

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100% of survey respondents agree that advertising in MHI communications is an effective way to reach customers.

“MHI has their finger on the pulse of the industry.”

Reader Testimonials

“MHI is 'the' authentic voice both for and of the material handling industry. When MHI speaks, both manufacturers and distributors listen. There is no question about that."

Bill Ryan

MHI Solutions magazine provides highly informative content that keeps me updated on all the latest supply chain and material handling-related news. I recommend anyone in supply chain management to join the MHI community.”

Corey M
Director of Purchasing
& Logistics
Definitive Technology Group

MHI Solutions magazine is the top-tier logistics and supply chain digital publication with more than 100,000 C-level contacts across the Americas. The magazine provides guidance, education, networking opportunities and solution sourcing for members.”

Raul Paramo
Business Development Director

“The sole purpose of good advertising is to reach the customers/prospects that use the product. That is what MHI has accomplished.”

Gene Cates
Director of Sales
and Marketing
Storage Solutions Inc.

“Suppliers/service industries advertising in the MHI publication reach actual end users & integration specialists that provide new answers to material handling problems.”

Jim Washtock
North Coast Lift

“Simply the biggest bang for your buck. Being a good steward of our money today, we must invest it wisely for the best return.”

Bob Evans
Titan Material Handling

*2023 MHI Communications Survey