New England Water Works Association – Sponsored Email

The New England Water Works Association sponsored email is a highly-visible and very limited opportunity for you to educate NEWWA members regarding the benefits of using a product or service similar to what you provide. Its intent is to position your company as a thought leader and solution provider for professionals in the water work industry.

Below are the guiding principles
for the sponsored email:

  • Advertisements must be truthful and may not make false or misleading claims.
  •  Advertisements must not misuse or misappropriate any other party’s intellectual property rights or defame or disparage any other person, company, product, or service.
  • The association reserves the right to review and reject any advertisement based on editorial judgment, which will not relieve the advertiser from its payment obligations. 
  • NEWWA reserves the right to edit, alter or reject content as it deems necessary to meet the above requirements and provide maximum value for its members.

Design Specifications

  • The width of the graphic should be 610 x 1024 pixels.
  • No Flash animation.
  • HTML & JPG are accepted formats. For HTML formats, hyperlinks can be used in your content. For JPG formats, entire email links to only one URL.
  • Content area is surrounded by an NEWWA branded header/footer.
  • Color Format RGB (CMYK may cause errors when viewing the email).

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Current Rates (NEW-N8022) Next Year's Rates (NEW-N8023)
  • Display Advertising

  • Rate

  • Advertorial (610 x 1024 Image) - 1 Issue
  • Dimension (W x H)
  • Units
  • Accepted File Types
  • 610 x 1024
  • Pixels
  • All Adobe products with supporting files (links and fonts included/embedded)
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