Sponsored Email Advertorial

Sponsored Content Email Opportunity

Establish your company as a thought leader with this exclusive opportunity on our bi-monthly eblast. This email is a highly-visible and very limited opportunity for you to educate NPMA members regarding the benefits of using a product or service similar to what you provide. Position your company as a solution provider for more than 27,000 professionals in the pest industry.  

Advertorial guidelines:

Content should include practical, useful information in which the member would find value, which should be independent of the particular advertiser. The overall message and tone should not be promotional in nature.

The association reserves the right to edit or alter content as it deems necessary to meet the above requirements and provide maximum value for its members.

Your Sponsored Email Will Include:


  • Naylor will design or client supplies.
  • Width: 610 pixels, Height: 1024 pixels.
  • Creative accepted: One file, JPG only. (No animation.)
  • File must created/saved in RGB color mode. (Most digital graphics and photos are already in RGB mode; check this by viewing the file properties.)
  • File must be a minimum 72 dpi.
  • One URL click tag is accepted.


  • Client supplies HTML code. (Naylor does not provide HTML ad creation service.)
  • Width: 610 pixels, Height: Variable.
  • Inline styles only.
  • Images/supporting files must be served from client server. (Naylor does not host files.)
  • Full absolute path for images/supporting file.
  • Third party tags and 1×1 tracking pixels tags not accepted.
  • One URL click tag is accepted.

True Text Advertorial 

  • 600×350 banner (.JPG – no animation)
  • File must be created/saved in RGB color mode.
  • File must be minimum 72 dpi.
  • One company logo (150 pixels wide max)
  • Company tagline (5-10 words)
  • 70-100 words of text
  • Call to action text (5-7 words). If not provided, the default text will be “Learn More”
  • One URL/call-to-action link


All advertisers will receive an invoice for the total amount, due upon activation.
Advertisements must be in JPG format (animation and Flash/SWF files are not accepted) and the total file size must not exceed 100kb. Contract advertisers may change their ad artwork once a month at no additional cost.
Advertisers will receive campaign performance reports that detail monthly ad impressions and click-throughs on an as-requested basis.
When renewing online ads, priority and first right-of-refusal will be given to advertisers who commit to 12 months. All other companies will be renewed on a first-come, first-served basis.
Disclaimer: Please note that the mockup shows overall newsletter layout, but exact ad location on the newsletter will vary based on the amount of editorial content supplied each issue.
Rates are net. Reservation is on a first-come first-served basis

*For the latest online ad specifications, please visit https://www.naylor.com/email-advertorial-ad-specifications/

Current Rates (NPMAN8024)
  • Display Advertising

  • Rate

  • Advertorial (610x1024 Image) - 1 issue
  • Dimension (W x H)
  • Units
  • Accepted File Types
  • 610 x 1024
  • Pixels
  • All Adobe products with supporting files (links and fonts included/embedded)
For more information, please visit:

  • Supplementary Charges

  • Artwork Creation
  • $125.00
  • Member Discount
  • 5.00%