Archives in Context podcast

The Archives in Context Podcast talks with archivists pushing the profession in new directions and goes behind the scenes to give an insider look at archives. Hear personal stories about collections, the many ways that archivists bridge the past and present, unique approaches to current challenges that the profession is facing, and the often moving and important work of memory-keeping.

Season 6 will feature authors, editors, and activists talking about the role of community archives, issues of audio and manuscripts preservation, inclusivity and intersectionality in archives and libraries spaces, innovative ways for archivists to expand outreach, and more! Episodes will be released monthly from Fall 2021 through Spring 2022.

Episode outline:

  • A 20-40 minute long recording hosted by Chris Burns, Nicole Milano, Anna Trammell, and JoyEllen Williams.
  • Dynamic conversations about archives and the people behind them.

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